Ruined Shrine - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

Ruined Shrine
AuthorThe Observer
RegionFrost Marches
Level range1+
Accessible fromOld Forest
Neutral HubYes



Points of Interest


Statue of Keros


Kitsune Mural

The Ruined Shrine is located at the southeast section of the Old Forest. To enter the shrine, the Champion must first complete a series of 3 gem puzzles. It should be noted that once the Champion interacts with the Kitsune Mural, the area will no longer be accessible.


  • 1 Points of Interest
    • 1.1 Statue of Keros
    • 1.2 Kitsune Mural
  • 2 Loot
  • 3 Puzzle Minigame
    • 3.1 Puzzle Solution
  • 4 Trivia

Points of Interest

Statue of Keros

Judging by the size of the doors leading into this chamber, you'd have expected a cavernous and imposing place, but as it turns out this little shrine is just the opposite: compact and cozy. Perhaps no bigger than a peasant's hut, all it contains are the remains of a large wooden box, a bronze brazier, and a trio of statues.

As you approach the largest statue, scrutinizing it in the eerie glow of the chamber, you quickly recognize it for who it is: the trickster god Keros. The foreign robe-like dress, the bow and quiver, and most of all, the nine vulpine tails on the mostly-human man leave little doubt as to his identity — one only wishes one had paid more attention to one's theology, but who would have expected to encounter a shrine to him here? Also of note is that the draft that's accompanied you through the tunnels ends here, rushing inwards towards the statue's face, as if the deity himself was drawing breath.

Flanking the statue of the trickster god are two stone foxes, their forepaws resting on large orbs of carved granite and looking quite alert and at attention. Something's been tied about their necks — on closer inspection, it appears to be a bib or collar of red cloth, although the material is faded and practically rotted away by now. Smiles have been carved on their faces as they look up adoringly at their master, although whether they're happy or sly is up to one's interpretation...

Found at the end of the 3rd Gem Puzzle is a shrine that contains a statue of Keros, flanked by two stone foxes. The Champion has the option to Search the ruined shrine to find anything of value. Should Cait be present, she will express a concern that it feels wrong to be robbing a temple. The Champion will admit that that is true, however they state that it is not in use anymore, Cait is not completely convinced by this reasoning but she turns back to searching. The Champion manages to find a few chips of jade and other jewels that equate to a value of 400 EC and a compact bow, should Etheryn be present, she will give the bow an experimental flex, noting that it's definitely not from the Frost Marches and it was made for the specific purpose of bringing down animals.

Kitsune Mural

This chamber clearly has been long buried in the very end of the ruins. The scent of dust and stale air is heavy, practically cloying, but at least it's not choking — it's not a pleasant smell, yes, but it's bearable. As you pick your way over crumbled bricks and rough debris, your eyes gradually adjust to the dim light that fills the room — ruin and neglect aside, the chamber's walls have been carefully shaped and smoothed to form a perfect cube, although the architectural style eludes you.

The furnishings that adorned the place were once lavish — stone benches line the left wall, curved inwards at the edges with carvings of leafy vines winding about their feet. Bits of smashed pottery litter the floor, most of them ground to fine pieces, but what few shards that remain intact bear beautiful floral patterns in various shades of faded white paint. Rotting wooden beams jut from the ceiling bearing rusted hooks from which decorations might once have hung, but if there ever were such, Tira's fire has long since turned to dust.

Instinctively, you look around for other exits leading away from the chamber, but find none that aren't blocked by roots and caved-in rubble. Well, that explains all the stale air...

What draws your attention most, though, is the mural on the far wall. Although dust coats the whole edifice and the pigments have long faded, it's still a striking yet tranquil scene: a hilltop spring, a large pool ringed with water-smoothed rocks, steam rising gently in early dawn light. There're some other details that you can't quite make out at this distance; you'll have to step into the room proper to examine it in more detail.

Found at the end of the shrine is a Mural, which at first glance portrays a hilltop spring that is situated in a glade that is encircled by a wall of blossoming trees. At the foreground is a large benched table piled high with food and drink, however the most striking of all are the people portrayed in the mural;

One way or the other, there's no missing what the many-tailed fox-people in the mural are up to. Having shed their ceremonial garb, at least fifteen of them are caught up in a wild orgy, no doubt working up an appetite for the spread that's been set out on the table. The details are a little faded in parts, but you can tell there're a variety of positions and pairings, so long as they all involve breeding, furious, desperate, rampant breeding. A good number of the women are already in varying stages of pregnancy, bare bellies rounded against voluptuous, maternal figures, but that doesn't dissuade them from demanding the attentions of the vulpine boys, pinning them down and riding their knotted co*cks with wanton glee.

The Champion contemplates on how the wild orgy makes them feel, they are either Aroused, Neutral or Disgusted to/by it. If they were Aroused or Neutral to it, they will find at the foot of the mural a small amber-colored orb set in a simple silver amulet on a chain. A Black Mage or White Mage Champion will note that there isn't any magic they can detect on the bauble. If the Champion was Disgusted by the mural, they will not discover the Amber Orb.


  • Beast Killer - A Unique bow found through searching at the Statue of Keros
  • 400 EC - Found along with the Beast Killer
  • Amber Orb - A Unique amulet found after interacting with the Kitsune Mural

Puzzle Minigame

A series of 3 gem puzzles prevent the Champion from accessing the deeper parts of the shrine. The puzzle involves placing gems at a specific location that satisfies its rules. The puzzle's art assets were created by DCLzexon.

Puzzle Solution

Door 2

Door 3


  • The gem puzzle was based on a statue puzzle from the game: Golden Sun. See Kikoskia's video (Let's Play Golden Sun 65: Tunnel Ruins and the Venus Lighthouse) at 5:17 for the Golden Sun puzzle. [link pending]
Ruined Shrine - Corruption of Champions II (2024)


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