Why You Should Feel Lucky Every Time You See This Number Sequence (2024)



August 16, 2023

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

By Sarah Regan

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

Why You Should Feel Lucky Every Time You See This Number Sequence (3)

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August 16, 2023

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Numbers have a funny way of grabbing our attention when we see them out in the world, especially when they appear in repetition (aka angel numbers). And if you've been seeing a lot of angel number 444, you might be wondering what it means—here's what to know.

What are angel numbers?

Just as a refresher, angel numbersare groups of the same number (usually appearing in threes), with different meanings depending on the number.

What the number 4 represents in numerology.

According to numerologist and author ofYou Are Cosmic CodeKaitlyn Kaerhart, it's important to mention that angel numbers do not have roots in numerology. That said, there are notable similarities between the spiritual meanings of numbers in both instances.

As Richardson explains, the number 4 in numerology is about building solid foundations. The number 4 has very structured energy in this way.

Numerologist Michelle Buchanan previously echoed this point, telling mbg that life path 4's in numerology are systematic, methodical, and organized, striving for structure and stability.

They also benefit from creating that stability in their own inner and outer lives, as well, she adds.

And as far as what it means when you're seeing a lot of 4's at once, Richardson says the more the number is repeated, the more the energy is amplified (i.e., 4,444 has even more of a charge than 444).


The number 4 is about building solid foundations. Life path 4's are systematic, methodical, organized, and strive for structure and stability.

444 angel number meaning


Your angels want to help you.

Of all the angel numbers, Richardson says she considers 444 to be "the preeminent angel number that most closely represents angels themselves." When she sees or hears the angel number 444 in her mind before meeting with a client, she adds, "it's an indication that angels want to play an even more active role in my client's life, want the client to ask for or recognize more angelic guidance, or simply want to comfort my client by reminding them that angels are near."

What to do about it:

Ask your guardian angels for what you need; you may be surprised by the results. And if you are merely asking for their support and guidance, know it is already with you.


You could be an Earth angel.

Richardson tells mbg that the angel number 444 can also indicate someone has a similar temperament to divine angels, or what she calls "Earth angels."

Highly sensitive, empathic, and giving, Earth angels are not actuallydivine angels, "but they share many character traits with celestial angels, like loving to support humans in need, an ability to see the best in people, and natural optimism," she explains.

What to do about it:

Check out Richardson's guide to the eight types of Earth angels, and see if you resonate with any of the descriptions. If so, it's especially important for you to live in alignment with your truth, as Earth angels are particularly sensitive to energy, their environments, and other people.


Work on your foundation.

Going back to the idea of four relating to structure and foundation in numerology, you can think about those themes when seeing angel number 444. "As an angel number, 4 to me represents mercy, development, and assistance. If you were to marry the two meanings, you might say that 4 is about getting angelic help creating foundations," Richardson explains.

Think of "4" as the four legs of a table that offer foundation—we must keep them sturdy and strong in order to stay afoot, and seeing angel numebr 444 asks us to do so.

What to do about it:

Richardson says angel number 444 can appear when you're going through a tough breakup, dealing with a difficult diagnosis, feeling lonely—really anything that rocks your foundation. Seeing it, in this case, is assurance that your guardian angels are actually closer than ever now, Richardson says, and they can help you find solid footing.


Your guardian angels approve of what they're seeing.

In the case of seeing any angel number, context matters, so pay attention to when angel number 444 appears. According to Richardson, if someone emails you at 4:44 with a great offer on your creative project, for example, it could mean the angels approve of it.

What to do about it:

If you noticed angel number 444 in a particularly auspicious moment, such as the example above, go for it! Your guardian angels are bolstering you with your approval and giving you a sign to seize an opportunity.

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444 meaning for love


If you're in a relationship

Seeing angel number 444 if you're in a relationship is a great sign, Richardson says, as it can be an indication that the angels helped bring this relationship into your life.

What to do about it:

Enjoy it! Don't overthink this one—if you're in a happy, healthy relationship and 444 keeps appearing, your angels are supporting your partnership.


If you're single

Again, context matters when it comes to angel numbers, so pay attention to what was happening when you saw 444.

If you got a text from your crush at 4:44 on the dot, for example, that could be your angels encouraging you to take a chance and share your feelings. Or, perhaps you notice it when you're fretting that you're not ready for a relationship, which could suggest you need to address your foundation or structure before seeking a partnership.

What to do about it:

In any event, seeing angel number 444 when single and thinking about love is assurance that your angels are alwaysworking behind the scenes in your life—even if your date roster is looking a bit empty. Whether you need help working on your foundation or you want to find your next lover, Richardson tells mbg, "A quick request to your angels in your thoughts, prayers, or journal can unlock even more angelic assistance."


If you're going through a breakup

As aforementioned, 444 can also appear in times of hardship, and a breakup is no exception. According to Richardson, if 444 is showing up a lot, it can also mean your angels are trying to support you as you go through this difficult patch in your romantic life.

What to do about it:

Breakups are difficult but also offer an opportunity to go back to your roots and assess/adjust that structure and foundation we keep mentioning. In addition to that, Richardson notes, "444 is always an indication that angels are present and want you to know you're not alone in navigating life."


Check out the other angel numbers


444 twin flame meaning

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of twin flames, it's essentiallya very deep soul connection between two people, with the idea being that one soul was split into two bodies. These relationships have a reputation for being a bit tumultuous but also incredibly healing.

If you're in a twin flame relationship and angel number 444 keeps appearing, figuring out what it's trying to tell you may depend on how things are going between you two and, of course, the context in which you saw it.

If you two are both happy together and the relationship is going well, your angels could be sharing their approval and support and even letting you know they had a role in your partnership.

On the other hand, if things aren't going so well, 444 may be encouraging you to assess the footing of the relationship, going back to the basics of structure and foundation, and assessing the roots of any issues.

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The takeaway

The most important clue when it comes to deciphering an angel number is what was happening right when you saw it. But generally speaking, 444 reminds us that we all need a solid foundation, our angels are near, and above all, we are divinely supported.

Why You Should Feel Lucky Every Time You See This Number Sequence (2024)


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